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Natural health remedies My name is Claire Rathausky, the editor of YourBodyCanHeal.com.

I have created this site because I have an enormous passion and interest  for natural health. I believe in good natural whole food nutrition, regular exercise and wise supplementation as a way to be proactive and ward off disease as much as possible. I am keen on promoting and maintaining good overall health with natural products that strengthen the immune system and support the good functioning of the body at the cellular level.

I have tried many multiple health supplements from various manufacturing companies in the last 10 years and what we’ve tried goes from nutritional supplements to keep my families defenses up, to natural formulas to fight the pain and inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis, alleviate chronic gastrointestinal problems, fight insomnia, acne, PMS, anxiety and chronic fatigue amongst other things.

In my search for “the best supplement” I repeatedly encountered that there was more than one supplement that could be of benefit to one’s health or condition……. making it more difficult to choose which one! On the other hand, since herbal ingredients can interact adversely when combined the wrong way, I didn’t want to take chances by adding multiple products to our health regime at once. Besides, that would be a costly practice

My constant search for natural products that would benefit our overall health -and pocket,  lead me to a company that specializes in professionally and scientifically formulated products that are comprehensive and bio-available.

What does this mean?

This means that they offer ONE formula that contains ALL the therapeutic ingredients needed to promote good health. This formula has more than 70 active ingredients that support the overall health of your organs and systems.

The company that manufactures this product called Total Balance uses a practice that pharmaceutical companies use and which is known as “enteric coating” that ensures that none of the active ingredients gets destroyed by the stomach acids but instead they are absorbed and utilize to their maximum yielding the most benefits.

What I Take – Why I Take It.

As you know nutritional companies are not regulated and with hundreds of them sprouting everyday the simple act to choose can be  overwhelming. That’s why I have chosen this company as my first choice for our needs when it comes to supplementing our diet. They comply with all the criteria I’ve set up when choosing a sound nutritional supplement, which include:

1. Observance of the Good Manufacturing Practices. The GMP are the highest manufacturing standards that pharmaceutical companies follow and which guarantee that you are taking a standardized formula with active ingredients that have been rigorously tested for potency, purity and efficacy. At the end, the result of this is a therapeutic formula that delivers results.

2. The team of formulators are professionals and scientists with impeccable credentials that have extensive experience in the area of nutritional supplements and who know how to put together comprehensive and effective formulas.

3. The company keeps on file the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each ingredient. This certificate attests the safety and efficacy of each of the ingredients used in their products.
Total Balance is the flag product of the company and a great choice for you, if you are serious in promoting vibrant health at all levels without spending a small fortune. It has all the nutrients, herbs and botanical factors put together carefully to support good health. It goes well beyond the normal multi-vitamin and mineral complex. We are thrilled  with the benefits obtained with this product and invite you to include  Total Balance in your health care program yourself to find out how you may benefit from it.

Many people have come to me asking for natural remedies to help them with specific health challenges or areas. Based on careful research and own experience I suggest the products found below. These formulas have brought many health benefits to many of our visitors – and to us too. I invite you to investigate these natural remedies and see how they can help you improve your health and well-being.

Specific Safe Natural Formulas…

To stop and reduce panic anxiety naturally, PureCalm
To encourage and boost optimal thyroid function, Thyroid Assist
To promote men’s sexual confidence and wellbeing, Ikawe
For natural arthritis relief and aid joint health, Not Just Joints
To lower and support good cholesterol levels in a safe manner, Lipi Rite
For top functioning cardiovascular health, Omega 3’s Pure Fish Oil
To boost energy levels, Natural Energy with Bee Pollen
To balance cholesterol levels, Lipi Rite
For mental alertness, focus and enhanced memory, Neurological Formula

Important: If you have questions regarding any of these products, please feel free to contact the companies directly. They have experienced staff available to answer all your questions, plus they are very professional and enjoy speaking to customers.

Please keep in mind that everyone is biologically unique and may benefit differently from nutritional products.

If you are on over-the-counter or prescription medication consult your physician before taking any supplement. Also, feel free to ask the company about possible interactions between their products and the medications you may be taking.
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