Is Anxiety Normal?


When talking about anxiety, it’s really important to clarify that there is normal anxiety, which is triggered by special situations like a deadline to complete a certain task or an important job interview. The source of anxiety lies in the chemistry of our brain and it helps to improve our response time, allows us to focus better and carry out what needs to be done in a more effective way.

On the other hand, there is what is known as anxiety disorder, which involves anxious feelings that remain after the special event or stressor has passed. An anxiety disorder can be characterized by an extreme reaction to a normal situation that shouldn’t provoke anxious feelings under regular circumstances.

Anxiety disorder may manifest itself in many ways and involves different symptoms and emotions. Below you will find information about anxiety, the most common types, natural treatment options and more.


Social anxiety disorder. This is a condition that can rob you from enjoying your life to the fullest. Find out what characterizes this health problem and discover which social anxiety disorder treatment might be right for you.

Panic. It is a debilitating feeling and can become a full-blown disorder characterized by panic attacks. Learn about most common panic attack symptoms and treatment options – including cognitive therapy for anxiety disorders.

Agoraphobia is one of many anxiety disorders known classified as phobias. Learn more about agoraphobia causes and symptoms and discover the agoraphobia treatment that is right for you. While a list of all phobias could be a very long one, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most common phobias here.

Natural and Alternative

Here you can learn about symptoms of anxiety attack as well as natural cures that include vitamins and minerals.

These natural treatments for anxiety contain potent and safe herbs.

Hypnosis and anxiety… Have you thought of that? It’s a fact that hypnosis for stress and anxiety can be of great help too as it is an effective method used to relive anxiety and chronic stress.

Hyperventilation: what to do?. Learn about anxiety, hyperventilation and panic attacks, and discover easy-to-do exercises to breath normal again.
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