Guggulipid Benefits

benefits of GuggulipidFrom Weight Loss to Arthritis to Lowering Cholesterol……

The benefits of Guggulipid, also referred to as myrrh, have long been known in Indian (Ayurvedic) medicine where Guggulipid resin has been used for centuries to treat arthritis and obesity. Guggulipid is a remedy derived from the resin of the mukul myrrh tree, a tree native to India. The resin contains active ingredients known as guggulsterones, which are plant sterols that also appear to be active in the human body.


It appears that Guggulipid can reduce inflammation associated with arthritis and also functions as an anti-inflammatory agent; guggulipid resin may be at least as strong as the NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) ibuprofen.

Weight Loss.

With respect to obesity and weight loss, the benefits of Guggulipid are due to its apparent ability to stimulate thyroid function, helping to keep metabolism active. As a result of this it is included in many herbal weight loss formulas.

Research results suggest that the benefits of Guggulipid go even further with the ability to protect the cardiovascular system. In particular, Guggulipid appears to prevent the formation of arterial plaque that can lead to the development of arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

Another heart benefit of Guggulipid is its anticoagulant effect, which can prevent the formation of dangerous blood clots. Guggulipid further benefits the cardiovascular system by helping to lower levels of “bad” (LDL) cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood while raising the “good” (HDL).

Natural Remedies for High Cholesterol.

It appears that guggulsterones increase the liver’s ability to break down cholesterol, and studies of those who use Guggulipid supplements indicate a reduction as much as 20% in cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Since it is a natural remedy, Guggulipid may well be a safer and more desirable alternative to statin (prescription) drugs for lowering cholesterol levels.

Several studies indicate that using Guggulipid extract may be at least as effective as using prescription medications. While the cholesterol lowering benefits of Guggulipid are similar to those of statin drugs, the resin does not have the adverse effects on liver or kidney function that are often associated with long-term use of prescription medications.


Another benefit of Guggulipid is that the resin has antioxidant properties that can protect cells throughout the body from free radical damage. As such, Guggulipid extract can help boost the immune system and promote overall health. In addition to helping to defend the body from disease, antioxidants can also help to minimize the effects of aging. More on the benefits of guggulipid on our heart health page.

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