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  Acne Treatment: Sticking to the Basics

If there’s one condition that could be just as devastating as any dreaded disease, acne can hands down be the one to hold that crown! It can be a tough and emotional job in working towards regaining clear and beautiful skin once again.


We all know how beauty and beautiful skin are so important to how we feel and to the face and persona we present to the world and it’s not merely for personal reasons. We want to look good all the time, and sometimes, the painful truth is that sometimes our skin can let us down terribly and our self confidence drops away!

Yes, poor skin is distressing and can greatly affect our confidence on every level.Acne can strike at any age whether it is in teenage years as well as in adult years

Cutting Through Food and Acne Myths

There have been claims since way back  that oily substances such as  nuts, chocolates and junk foods were accountable. Truth is, there’s simply not enough scientific evidence to back these claims up, so there’s no point in trying to avoid the junk food aisles when you do your grocery shopping! You can indulge – a bit (you still have to stay healthy!). These are just part of the classic acne myths that have been hounding us for years.

Two Main Acne Culprits

Pimples and cysts  pop out when there is an over secretion of oil and bacterial build-up which clogs your skin pores. These are the two main culprits of acne. A build-up of oil and dirt becomes what you see as pus-laden spots that typically burst out on the face and neck. At times they can be found on the back and chest areas as well. These skin surface areas are abundant in oil or sebaceous glands.

These oil glands play a crucial role in maintaining the skin’s balance. They keep the skin hydrated with the moisturizing effect of the oils. However, when oil glands overproduce, as in the case of people with oily skin, they also become more prone to acne breakouts.

Stress and Lifestyle

Yes, the hormones are certainly accountable. But it seems that what we eat and our lifestyles also contribute to the condition because they have a direct effect on hormone production.

What people need to consider is what is the cause of over secretion and dirt build-up on the skin. One insidious factor that people don’t notice  is our lifestyle. Busy careers, frequent night outs,tight schedules, stress – these may not seem harmful but they actually affect the skin’s health enormously.

When you’re a very busy career person, there’s this tendency to miss out on proper balanced meals, grab that convenient snack on the run  and our systems stress out on when dealing with deadlines and meetings. Those stressful thoughts actually trigger oil production, not to mention the lack of adequate nutritious food intake. We all know  our bodies  don’t work like a well oiled machine when not properly cared for, even though we may like them too!!And before we know it out pops those embarrassing acne spots.

Changing Lifestyles

Trying to find the best acne treatment in costly dermatological treatments, skin creams or adhering to exotic facial mixtures may not give you remarkable results if you continue to stick to the lifestyle that you have. The best way for these  treatments to be fully effective is to make some lifestyle shifts. It doesn’t have to be a total career shift or veering away from your frequent night outs. It’s basically a thing of moderation.

Basic Acne Practices to become Acne Free!

If you want a natural cure, four things that you have to keep in mind are:

  • Good clean fresh food
  • Fresh clean water
  • Regular exercise
  • Care in facial hygiene

Great fresh organic food as close as possible to its natural state keeps your body nourished.Lots of leafy greens and colored veges  are proven skin beautifiers. Fresh fruits are crucial with the vitamin and mineral punch they pack as are all the nuts especially those packed with Selenium and Zinc.

Water is vital  to keep your body hydrated, as this greatly affects your skin’s health. Drinking lots of clean filtered water will flush toxins from your body cells  and result in a fresher clearer brighter and  beautiful skin.

Exercise  is wonderful for skin health as well as for losing weight!  Exercise allows you to flush away toxins through sweating.And yes, it will get those good endorphins pumping, giving you a great inner glow.

Hygiene is crucial for clear skin and a face free of acne.Resist the urge to squeeze those pimples, yes, I know it is difficult but don’t as it can result in scarring. Keep your hands away from your face as the dirt from your hands transfers to your skin and irritates the pores and glands. Use the right skincare products for your skin type. I f you are not sure of your skin type its very easy to find out. Just visit your local beauty counter and they will be only to happy to advise you.

If you are truly serious about having beautiful, clear glowing acne free skin without resorting to costly medications,drugs,creams or using chemicals to solve your  unsightly acne issues then  Mike Walden Medical Researcher, Nutritionist, Health Consultant and Former Acne Sufferer-has answered your needs. He has discovered how to :

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Curing acne

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