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Candida Herbal Remedy











Looking For An Effective Candida Herbal Remedy?

If you have any of the dozens of troublesome symptoms associated with Candida overgrowth, you may wonder whether to try a Candida herbal remedy or a prescription medication. Candida is a fungus that is present in the gastrointestinal tract. It is needed in the body in moderate amounts, but it can become a problem when too much of this fungus is present. An overgrowth of Candida in the gut is known as Candidiasis.

Among the many symptoms that suggest Candida overgrowth are fatigue, memory problems, brain fog, depression, muscle pain or weakness, cramping and gastrointestinal problems, bloating, sexual problems, and burning or itching.

A herbal remedy for Candida can discourage the growth of the Candida fungus and restore intestinal health, thereby eliminating the troublesome symptoms of Candidiasis.

A good Candida herbal remedy should have antifungal properties that can discourage the growth of Candida in the gut. This remedy should also have anti-bacterial properties to help repair any damage that has already been caused by Candida overgrowth.

The best Candida herbal remedy will soothe the gastrointestinal tract, reverse cell damage, and give the immune system a boost.

Several herbs can be used in a Candida herbal remedy to produce these optimal results.

* Lemon grass (Cymbopogon Citrates) is one herb that can repair cells and alleviate intestinal discomfort. Lemon grass has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that can repair intestinal walls that have been damaged by an overgrowth of Candida. When intestinal walls become damaged in this way, nutrients may actually leak through the gut. The ability to heal “leaky gut syndrome” makes lemon grass a very effective remedy against Candida.

* Calendula officinalis is another herb that has been used with much success in cases of Candida. This herb has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well. In addition, Calendula Officinalis is also useful as a liver tonic. By removing toxins from the body, Calendula Officinalis improves the function of the body’s immune system, giving it a very strong ability to fight Candida growth.

* Another well-known herb, Pau D’arco bark (tabebuia impetiginosa), has also gained much attention from health conscious consumers.

Pau d’arco bark contains substances known as naphthaquinones that have strong anti-fungal properties. In fact, the anti-fungal properties in Pau d’arco have been clinically tested and found to be as potent as the anti-fungal properties in the prescription medication ketoconazole. Since it is not water soluble, the active ingredient in Pau d’arco must be extracted in alcohol from the whole bark in order for the extract to work safely and effectively as a Candida herbal remedy.

Candida Herbal Remedy.

One product that uses an alcohol extraction process for Pau d’arco in the preparation of its Candida herbal remedy is Native Remedies Candidate. It’s worth mentioning that ALL products available from Native Remedies are manufactured to the highest standards, using only safe, clinically tested ingredients.
Candidate is a Candida herbal remedy with several powerful ingredients. In addition to Pau d’arco, it contains Calendula Officinalis and Lemon Grass in its comprehensive formula. This formula treats Candidiasis and systemic yeast infections and what’s more, it reduces sugar cravings related to Candidiasis so you get faster results. People who use Candidate have reported improvement of a wide range of symptoms associated with Candida overgrowth after using the product for a few weeks.

Along with this herbal remedy you may be interested to learn there is a easy to follow 5 step clinically proven program named Yeast Infection no More to eradicate Candida from your system. As you already will have found for yourself , there  are a variety of foods that can and do aggravate the Candida fungus.This program comprehensively outlines an easy to follow holistic method to bring your body and system back into balance and feel well again.

Over 143,000 women and men in 157 countries worldwide have already used Linda Allen’s Yeast Infection No More (TM) system to get rid of their Candida yeast infections permanently!

Wishing you comfort and ease,






more on  candida herbal remedies on our health conditions page

How has Candidate helped others?

Candidate has been used to reduce Candida overgrowth in many people. Here is what some of them have to say:

Candidate has helped me a lot with a whole range of symptoms that I did not know were related to Candida infection. I had the whole lot – depression, joint pain, gas, heartburn, itches in all the wrong places! When I read the symptoms I knew I had it bad so I took Candidate, Immunity Plus and also went on the Candida Diet for a month. I am eating normally now except for sugar and junk food and I feel like a young man again. I have started gardening again and I can walk upright when I wake up in the morning which is a real miracle for me!”


“I have been up and down to so many doctors for recurring thrush infections. Each time I was successfully treated but each time it came back again. I also had a lot of wind and burping after my food which was very embarrassing and I used to become anxious whenever I had to eat in public. Only when I read your information did I realize that Candida was the problem. Since I have taken a course of Candidate I have not been to the doctor once with thrush and I no longer burp the way I did. I can truly say that this product has changed my life!”


“I can definitely recommend Candidate to anyone who has these symptoms of Candida infection as I had for years and did not know it. Please excuse my English I am Italian but I really had to let you know how well it worked for me. My life is different, I’m not tired all the time, no more thrush (terrible!) and going to the doctor. My asthma is also better and I can breathe for a change again!”


“I was very impressed with results by using your product combined with proper diet. I’ve never felt as good as I do now.”

—Dagmar C.

“I had all the symptoms you list but the main thing was overweight and I could NEVER stick to a diet. All I thought of all day was food and I could NOT resist anything with sugar in it! I used to feel guilty and worthless and weak, but now I know it was the Candida craving the sugar as you explained. I have been taking Candidate for four weeks and I can stay away from the sugar for the first time in my life!! I can’t say THANK YOU enough! PS – why don’t more doctors know about this!?”