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Treat Agoraphobia naturally

Agoraphobia Treatment Options

Agoraphobia is a common condition that is characterized by symptoms of anxiety and a sense of panic when one feels exposed. Agoraphobia treatment aims at reducing symptoms of anxiety as well as changing thoughts and behavior patterns associated with the fear of being out in public. There are several types of effective agoraphobia treatments, both […]

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Causes of Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia Causes and Symptoms

What is Agoraphobia…… Agoraphobia is one of many anxiety disorders known as ‘phobias’. Agoraphobia causes sufferers to become extremely anxious when they are in situations from which escape seems impossible or potentially embarrassing. People with agoraphobia may be afraid to leave their homes, travel by public transportation or shop in public malls. When agoraphobia symptoms […]

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