Causes of Eczema: A Natural Solution

eczema rash on stomach Types and Symptoms of Eczema and pain relief

While the exact cause of eczema isn’t completely explained, there are some general ideas that people seem to agree on. Chances are, if you have eczema you also know someone close to you who has it, because the condition is thought to be genetic. The overall belief is that eczema is inherited from a family member, like asthma and hay fever. Eczema, a skin condition, is generally caused by an oversensitivity to allergies, mostly in the skin, and the way your immune system reacts to different things.

So, a common cause for eczema seems to be a skin allergy. For example, a girl wearing bangles made of a How to Treatment Eczemametal she’s allergic to, could develop mild to extensive eczema on her wrists, while a man wearing a belt made of nickel will look almost like a bruise on his waistline where the pants hit. Sometimes an allergy to a perfume or lotion could make your skin become inflamed, and other times it could be washing your hands frequently every day what causes the dermatitis.

Although it is rare, sometimes sensitivity to wheat, nuts, eggs, seafood, or soy can cause the condition in both adults and children. Studies have shown that casein can be the cause of eczema. It can be casein from milk, gluten, wheat, rye, oats, and barley. Finally, the overgrowth of yeast may be the culprit of eczema as well.

Types of Eczema

An average of three percent of all Americans have eczema. Atopic dermatitis is the most common type of eczema, but there are several other types of this skin condition.

Allergic contact eczema happens when chemicals irritate the skin and cause a reaction, which may spread to other areas.

Similarly, irritant contact is caused by frequently using cleaning chemicals or detergent substances.

Varicose eczema, a rash on the legs connected with poor circulation and varicose veins, commonly occurs in the elderly, while babies most commonly end up with seborrhoeic eczema, a greasy rash that starts on the scalp and then spreads to other areas. However, adults can also have seborrhoeic eczema, but it can stick around for longer than it takes for the babies’ rashes to clear up.

Finally, discoid eczema most commonly occurs in round lepidote patches in middle-aged men and is extremely itchy.

Symptoms of Eczema.

If your skin begins to feel hot and start to itch and it becomes red and inflamed when you scratch it, chances are you have eczema. Worse in teenagers and young adults, the itchy patches usually start on the elbows, on the back of knees and the neck, upper chest, and face. Though the symptoms vary from person to person, many who suffer from eczema find their skin becoming itchy and dry. And if the person scratches the affected often the skin starts to feel like leather.
Along with the itchiness and redness, eczema may also cause weeping, crusting, scaling, blisters, small raised bumps called papules, and hives, among other symptoms.

Other Symptoms according to the type

It’s important to keep in mind that different types of eczema have different symptoms. For example, seborrhieic eczema will appear in the form of a red rash on your face, dandruff, or a rash on your back and chest, while irritant contact eczema, commonly called hand dermatitis, looks red and irritated all the time.

Varicose eczema makes the lower leg and ankle look dry and red, while discoid eczema will appear as discs of red, itchy, dry skin that looks crusty. It is mostly found on the arms and trunk and can become infected very easily.

Infantile eczema happens when a newborn starts to scratch dry patches of skin on their body, and atopic eczema resembles a rash or red, dry patches that may itch.

Flareups can be triggered by allergies, stress, chemicals, or temperature changes, causing an itchy or red skin rash.

We Have Found A Gentle Remedy To Treat Eczema

To start with, your doctor may suggest avoiding those things that trigger eczema in your body. Creams and ointments that contain corticosteroids are commonly prescribed to soothe the skin. Some people are advised to take corticoids internally as well by their doctor.

We feel strongly there are more natural beneficial avenues to treat eczema include ultraviolet light therapy and natural creams. One of these creams is H-Eczema Cream.

H-Eczema Cream has been especially formulated using natural ingredients especially chosen to soothe the skin and support skin health.

Regular use of H-Eczema Cream will help ingredients guarenteeto maintain healthy, trouble-free skin all over – the natural way. Typically, you will see results in 2 weeks and there will be an immediate relief from itching. This formula has been created to provide relief from both weeping and dry eczema, all you need to do is dab a few drops on for relief.

eczema remedy to stop eczema itching naturallyWe have found  H-Eczema Cream treats  with fast acting relief.

Our youngest son, Darcy,  suffers from eczema, and whilst he / we are lucky his eczema is not terribly severe, it does cause him distress with the itching  and sometimes extreme discomfort eczema brings. We had tried the usual methods and on reading the side effects, decided against using cortisone based creams.

We were recommended this product by our naturopath and Darcy hasn’t looked back. We found it to be fast acting when we needed it to be and the itches and blotches subsided very quickly for him. We were lucky. Each child or adult will respond at different rates in finding relief from eczema symptoms.

It contains 100 % natural and gentle blend of organic herbal and homeopathic ingredients specifically created to stop the distressing pain and discomfort eczema brings for children and adults and lessens the severity and frequency of outbreaks.

The awful itching, sores, and emotional distress can be overwhelming for everyone involved.

The main ingredient is – Anacardium orientale 12C, Iris versicolor 12C

Other Ingredients:

  • Essential Oil Blend (Cymbopogon martinii aerial parts
  • Daucus carota seed
  • Helichrysum italicum flower
  • Lavandula officinalis flower bud
  • Matricaria recutita flower)
  • Rosa mosqueta seed oil
  • Simmondsia chinensis seed oil.

This is a safe cream manufactured under the highest pharmaceutical standards and provides fast acting relief from the sores, itchiness and the pain associated with eczema. If you or your children are suffering from eczema, we can highly recommend you take  a look.

With over 500,000 products and  thousands of verified positive reviews of  4 out of 5 stars, H-Eczema Formula is your eczema treatment alternative.

  • Soothes and supports skin health
  • Provide relief from itching and discomfort
  • Decrease the severity and frequency of outbreaks
  • Soothes the irritated and inflamed skin
  • Maintains soft, healthy, trouble-free skin all over.
  • Supports skin immunity and integrity.
  • Gentle and tested effective formula safe for all ages, including babies.


We hope H-Eczema brings you relief from the pain and itching!


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