Common Anti- Anxiety Meds

anti anxiety meds.

Common anti anxiety meds are growing in popularity and there are many to choose from. If you suffer with anxiety you need to work with your doctor to see what he or she recommends for your specific situation. Most of the depression and anxiety prescription medications available are not over-the-counter (OTC) and require a prescription.

It’s important to note that any of these medications should only be taken when under a doctor’s care as they are very serious medicines with serious side-effects.
In addition to common anti-anxiety meds, there are natural cures for both anxiety and depression – they frequently go hand-by-hand. In many cases, natural remedies have far fewer and milder side-effects than prescribed drugs and have worked very well for a lot of people. Before we talk more about these let’s take a look at the most popular prescription drugs that are used for anxiety and depression.

Common Anti Anxiety Meds and Depression Drugs.

There are many chemical products on the market that are used as depression anxiety meds.One of the most common is Xanax, which is used to treat anxiety that is caused by everyday stress. Prozac, on the other hand, is a frequently prescribed medication to treat depression of varying severity.

Here are some other prescription drugs for anxiety you need to know about:

Zoloft – used to treat depression as well as anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder and social anxiety disorder.

Busprione – helps with anxiety disorder but is used less commonly than Zoloft.

Effexor – for people that suffer from anxiety and mental depression.

Nardil – is an antidepressant that is generally used when other medications have not been of help.

Paxil – used to treat depression.

Lexapro – used for the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Edronax – used to treat depression but often helps improve concentration and motivation in individuals as well.

Cymblta – is a newer form of treatment for depression that is quite powerful and users can experience serious withdrawal effects.

As you can see there are different options available for the treatment of anxiety and depression with prescription medication, but be aware, they all have side effects … ranging from very little to life threatening.

Is There an Alternative?    Yes, There Is A Natural Cure For Anxiety


Fortunately there are some natural cures for anxiety that have been used successfully to treat many people – without harmful side-effects and withdrawal symptoms.
Some of the most commonly used herbs for anxiety and depression are:

  • melissa officinalis, an herb quite helpful in the treatment of both health conditions.
  • lavender and passion flower are two herbs that have remarkable calming effects.

When it comes to depression and common anti-anxiety meds, it is essential that you consult with your doctor and thoroughly understand your options. The use of alternative treatments for anxiety and depression are well worth taking the time to investigate since many are enjoying the benefits of natural herbs for anxiety while experiencing, little to no negative side effects.

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How has PureCalm helped others?

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