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How to Promote Healthy Digestion Naturally.

Natural digestive enzymes supplementIf you are looking for a proven digestive enzymes supplement, don’t go away because  we’re excited to share with you  a cutting edge formula that is causing a stir in the market.

The digestive system, as you know, is responsible for the processing of food from the moment the food goes in to our mouth until it is thoroughly digested and absorbed in the body. The digestive enzymes play a vital part in the process of digestion. They break down food into smaller substances—converting nutritional substances into building blocks such as proteins into amino acids. Their functions are of prime importance, because without proper chemical breakdown, the nutrients from food will not be absorbed into the body.natural Digestive Enzyme Supplements ,digestion,enzymes

For the more health-conscious individual, taking a digestive enzymes supplement will promote better digestion, especially when risk factors like increasing age, unhealthy lifestyle habits and hereditary diseases affect the integrity of the body’s natural digestive enzymes.

The different types of Digestive Enzymes…

Now, it is important to learn about the different kinds of enzymes in the digestive system, and what specific roles they play. Generally, they are categorized into four basic groups:

1. Proteolytic Enzymes. This group breaks down proteins into amino acids. The proteases are responsible for protein catabolism by breaking the bonds that form the proteins.

2. Lipolytic Enzymes. This group converts fats into glycerol and fatty acids. The lipases bring about the metabolism of fatty acids to provide sufficient energy sources. When fatty acids like glucose are not used up as energy sources, they are stored in the body as fat.

3. Amylolitic Enzymes. This group converts starch and carbohydrates into simple sugars. Amylases play the role of carbohydrate metabolism, breaking down the complex sugars found in fruits and vegetables into simple sugars.

4. Nucleolytic Enzymes. This group breaks down nucleic acids into nucleotides. Nucleases are responsible for breaking down DNA and RNA. Furthermore, nucleotides can be further broken down into nitrogen and simple sugars. Essentially, DNA and RNA constitute the building blocks of all living organisms.

Which parts of the body secrete digestive enzymes……

Certain parts of the digestive tract also secret enzymes. As the food travels further down into the digestive system, they are gradually broken down by enzymes to prepare for absorption.

1. Oral Cavity. The salivary glands found in the oral cavity secrete enzymes that begin the conversion of food into simpler components. Among these enzymes are ptyalin, amylase, betaine, and bromelain. Bromelain acts to tenderize the meat when ingested.

2. Stomach. Gastric enzymes are released by the stomach, where the conversion of proteins and fats occur. Pepsin, gastric amylase, gelatinase, rennin and gastric lipase are the enzymes in this area.

3. Pancreas. The pancreas is also considered to be the storage of digestive enzymes, where important digestive processes occur. The breakdown of starch and carbohydrates is the main function of the enzymes excreted by the pancreas, namely trypsin, steapsin, chymotrypsin and pancreatic amylase.

4. Small Intestine. Undigested substances are brought to the small intestine where further digestion takes place. Food becomes semi-solid because of the enzymatic action of sucrase, maltase and lactase.

In the existence of certain diseases, these enzymes may not work efficiently. Moreover, the digestive organs that secrete these enzymes may not even be working properly. Lifestyle factors like improper eating practices and unhealthy food choices further increase the risk of developing digestive disorders like pancreatic cancer and Crohn’s disease.

Top rated Best Digestive Enzymes Supplement

Natural Digestive Enzymes Supplement, digestive enzymes

It is for this reason that digestive enzymes supplements were created for those who wish to take excellent care of their digestive system. Kiwi-Klenz in particular, is a digestive enzymes supplement made from the extracts of kiwifruit in New Zealand.

Also referred to as kiwi, the fruit is a natural powerful rich  source of enzymes that promote healthier digestion. It is  a vegetarian product, free from all sorts of additives, making it the perfect choice for people looking for a high-grade digestive enzymes supplement. It is also conveniently available in capsule form.

Aside from enzymes, Kiwi-Klenz contains  soluble fibers that promote  regular bowel movements. Phenolic compounds are also present in the digestive enzymes supplement, as these help get rid of the harmful bacteria while maintaining the good healthy bacteria  in the digestive system. Altogether, the soluble fibers, enzymes and phenolic compounds found in this supplement promote better digestion. Hence, it brings backs balance to the body, particularly if complaints  like indigestion, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, bad breath and allergies are present.

In the long run, it will promote energy levels and boost the immune system.

The digestive system can be likened to a complex machine that constantly processes food to keep you alive. Altogether,  digestive enzymes work in harmony to deliver the nutrients needed by all body organs to function well.

Taking a digestive enzymes supplement does so much in promoting a healthier life, and Kiwi-Klenz can do just that. Take a look now at this superb supplement and find out if your digestive tract needs extra support or not.

Wishing you  good health and happiness, your friends,

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Do Digestive Enzymes Supplements Work? Testimonials for Kiwi-Klenz

I have had a 13-year-long intestinal bad bacterial overgrowth, which made eating carbohydrates of any type next to impossible—the results would be severe joint pain and head pain. I was already taking massive doses of PRO-biotics, which did create a baseline of safety, but nothing more.

I’ve been taking Kiwi-Klenz (formerly Digesten-K) now for over 2 months—6 capsules per day, 2 after each meal. I can now eat fruit, grains, and even some sugar— all foods that I could not eat at all before Kiwi-Klenz. Kiwi-Klenz did not 100% eradicate the bad bacteria, but because Kiwi-Klenz is a fabulous PRE-biotic, it enabled the GOOD bacteria to proliferate and compete with the BAD. The BAD is not completely gone, but its power is vastly diminished.

Also, whereas before Kiwi-Klenz, my bathroom visits used to be LONG, my bowel movements now are fast and super-easy, which is a delight.

I will not be without Kiwi-Klenz again, at least until the scientists come up with a way to eradicate BAD biofilm intestinal bacteria.

Bernice, USA  November 3rd, 2011

Kiwi-Klenz (formerly Digesten-K) is awesome, it seems to have cured my lactose intolerance and I’m now regular.

Dana I, USA  October 10th, 2011

I have been taking Total Balance and Omega 3 for years. Upon reading some comments about Kiwi-Klenz (formerly Digesten-K), I associated myself with symptoms of others.

I would eat avocados and within minutes would have bad flatulence to the point of not being able to stand my own smell.

Well Kiwi-Klenz has changed all this and more. No more acid, stomach bloats, stomach pains, irregular movements and my appetite is less. I seem to be getting more out of the food I eat and also the Total Balance lasts longer.

Many thanks again Xtend-Life people.

PS. Got my father-in-law taking them now. He had a Colonoscopy as he thought he had cancer, his system was that upset. No more!

With kind regards


Samual M, NZ  September 1st, 2011

Thought I would give some feedback on Kiwi-Klenz (formerly Digesten-K). I have been using it for over a month now and must admit it is probably the only supplement I have taken where the effects of taking it are so noticeable.

After a week my digestion had improved 100 fold, but the most amazing effect was my sugar cravings disappeared and appetite reduced markedly. I find when I eat, I get full quicker. I recommended it to a workmate who reported the same effect to me. Possibly the best weight loss supplement out there! I never send reviews in, but had to for this, as everything it says it will do, it has. And it is affordable. Thanks for a great supplement!

Scott C, NZ  August 24th, 2011

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