What Are The Enzyte Side Effects?

What Are The Enzyte Side Effects?

Although most of the Enzyte side effects cause minor discomfort, there are a few major health concerns associated with Yohimbe extract, the major component of this natural remedy. Yohimbe has been known to cause mild and uncomfortable side effects such as dizziness, insomnia, nausea, and anxiety but also, this extract may exacerbate kidney conditions, heart disorders, diabetes, and stomach ulcers, reason why people who suffer with those conditions should stay away from a product containing this herb.

Other issues that people have reported while using Enzyte include painful urination, genital pain, reduced appetite, and flushing. The herbal remedy can also cause stronger reactions to alcohol, morphine, and insulin.

Since not all herbal impotence remedies are created equal, considering things like the Enzyte side effects can help you determine if a natural treatment for impotence is right for you.

There are a number of health and psychological factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction, and while some men turn to prescription medications others seek out natural remedies believing that they are much safer. As you can see that is not always the reality but that does not mean that you have to give up and go for the traditional route.

There are other alternative remedies that include safe herbs and that you can use to avoid those unwanted Enzyte side effects. The most commonly used herbs in a natural remedy for impotence and decreased libido are:

Siberian Ginseng, an herb that increase overall circulation so men feel more invigorated . Ginseng has been considered a natural aphrodisiac for many and its use is very popular in Chinese medicine.

Turnario Aphrodisiaca, which increases libido and sexual arousal.

Lirosma Ovata, which has been shown to be effective at increasing sexual desire.

Sarsaparilla helps increase the production of progesterone and testosterone in the body – hormones that play a key role in a healthy sexual life.

Sabal Serrulata, an herb that prevents the enlargement of the prostate and helps maintain a healthy male sexual performance.

These are some of the herbs that target sexual and erectile dysfunction and which, when combined, become a powerful impotence treatment. As you’ll see, comprehensive herbal supplements for male impotence do not only include herbs that target ED but also, include other herbal extracts that improve overall health and well being.

Alternative Natural Remedy for Impotence

Ikawe sexual performance enhancer for menThat’s the case of Ikawe, a high quality and safe herbal formula that you can use in order to avoid the side effects of Yohimbe extract.

Health professionals that place a great emphasis in effectiveness and safety have designed this natural impotence remedy.

All its ingredients have been carefully selected and have been put through extensive testing to provide men with a safe alternative to impotence prescription drugs or herbal products that carry side effects.

  • Supports virility and stimulates healthy production of sex hormones
  • Leading herbal supplement naturally enhances male sexual performance
  • Supports balance in the male reproductive system
  • Supports healthy circulation responsible for adequate and strong erections
  • Promotes feelings of sexual desire
  • Supports pleasurable, routine ejaculation
  • Supports vitality, energy and stamina

By using Ikawe many men have been able to enjoy their sex life again…


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