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More and more, men are looking for an herbal impotence cure to overcome impotence, or erectile dysfunction, which can be a troubling problem for many couples today. Often, prescription drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are given to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, but these drugs may produce unwanted side effects, including visual problems, irregular heartbeat, or an erection that lasts for hours and will not go away. For many men suffering from erectile dysfunction, an herbal impotence supplement is a better alternative.

A natural impotence remedy can improve sexual dysfunction safely with natural substances that are used to enhance sexual energy and performance.

Anyone seeking an herbal impotence cure will likely come across a variety of products. Most of them include one or more common ingredients that work by improving blood flow to the penis, increasing sexual energy (libido), and/or helping to balance hormones. Examples of single ingredients that may be used as herbal impotence cures are damiana, ginseng, licorice root, and horny goat weed.

Since impotence can have a number of causes, the best herbal impotence cure is one that contains a comprehensive herbal formula to correct the problem by addressing more than one possible cause. Organic factors, psychological stress, toxins in the body, or unhealthy lifestyle habits can all contribute to impotence.

Often, when all other factors are in place, sexual health improves as well. So, the best herbal impotence solution for mens sexual satisfaction is one that not only improves sexual performance, but also improves mens overall health and vitality in general.

There are a variety of herbs that can be used effectively to improve male sexual functioning, and they are:

  • Turnaria aphrodisiaca is an herb that stimulates the nervous system and increases libido by toning the reproductive organs and increasing energy.
  • Siberian ginseng, which has a long tradition of use as an adrenal gland stimulant, is also thought to increase blood flow to the penis, making it useful for men seeking an herbal alternative to improve their sexual performance.
  • Another well-known herb, sasparilla, is thought to mimic the activity of key reproductive hormones, including testosterone.
  • There is also an herb called sabal serrulata that is a clinically proven remedy for benign prostate enlargement. Sabal serrulata, is also said to increase sexual energy and libido.
  • Herbs like glycorrhiza glabra and fucus vesiculosis, which are believed to help regulate hormonal balance, are being used with success as natural impotence cures as well.
  • Also, lirosma ovata has been scientifically shown to boost sexual desire and alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction, while an herb called kola vera acts as a stimulant and boosts energy.

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Herbal Impotence Cure for Men

Men who have turned to Male Rejuvenator   as an herbal alternative to cure impotence, report increases in libido and sexual performance after using the product regularly. This is what they have to say on how this formula has helped them lead a much more enjoyable sexual life.

Herbal alternative to Cure Impotence

Male Rejuvenator

Many men have  turned to this herbal alternative named Male Rejuventaor which has been created from all natural and safe ingredients from Xtend-Life in New Zealand. This product contains  active herbal supplements such as Epimedium Brevicornum, Damiana and Tribulus Terrestris to help with testosterone production with many men  reporting  a significant increase in libido and overall sexual satisfaction and intensity.

  • Support normal testosterone levels
  • Support and maintain prostate health
  • Increase your libido and overall sexual satisfaction…

Xtend-Life found during initial testing of Male Rejuvenator with a number of male subjects…some reported a significant increase in libido and overall sexual satisfaction and intensity.

This was exciting news! For the first time…a relatively inexpensive formula with natural synergistic ingredients… may help protect your prostate AND give a boost to your sex life! The latter coming as a pleasant surprise…especially when you consider that:

  • Loss of male libido affects 20-25% of men in America every year. No medications currently help correct this condition…
  • More men seek help for sexual problems than any other condition, with 40% of men rating their sex life as unsatisfactory…

Give Male Rejuvenator a try…you’ve got nothing to lose AND so much more to potentially gain!

wishing you good health and fun,

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Find out Why Men are impressed with Male Rejuvenator…

“…Having tried your cholesterol lowering formula, through your consult and generosity I switched to Total Balance Men’s Premium. My cholesterol numbers significantly improved after 1 month.

Also, I am in my early 40s and my wife is 29. I had been feeling the “effects” of my age and job stress, which basically equated me to a 4 cylinder engine in the “love” department, even though I’m in good physical condition. I tried your recommended “protocol” with Total Balance Men’s Plus and Male Rejuvenator – 6 tablets a day of each for a month, plus your Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil.

The word “Wow” cannot come close to describing what happened. I gained two cylinders a week! By week 4, I was a 12 cylinder powerhouse! Ford Escort to Ford GT 500 HP race car… My wife couldn’t believe the power, endurance and stamina….Men, look no further, and throw that Viagra away!! Talk about rejuvenation…wow, it’s called ‘the Xtend-Life Protocol’!”

Bill, USA

I have been taking your Male Rejuvenator for over a month now and the results have been incredible.

After completing a course of medication which destroyed my libido, I was very concerned because months later, I was still not back to normal. There is no doubt that your product gave me back the vitality and endurance that I had lost.

I am also taking several of your other supplements and I have never felt as much energy and stamina from any other product.

I hope you are in business for many years to come because I will ALWAYS continue to be a loyal customer. Thank you.

Carl M, USA  November 18th, 2010

Hi, This is just to say that I ordered one male rejuvenator a couple of weeks ago and I can’t be happier with the product. I’m getting a lot of benefit out of it. Which is why I placed this new order for two more and another fish oil. I don’t want to run out.

The rejuvenator was better than I expected and better than other similar products I’ve tried. And I’ve tried a LOT of stuff.


Konstantinos L, Greece  October 21st, 2010

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