Herbal Impotence Remedy

Herbal Impotence RemedyNaturally and Safely Increase Sexual Desire

In many cases using an herbal impotence remedy is a more effective alternative to taking prescription drugs that often have serious side-effects.

The causes of sexual impotence range from medical problems like cardiovascular issues and hormonal imbalances to psychological issues and lifestyle choices. Between 15 million to 30 million men are estimated to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, studies indicate that between 20 and 50% of men with ED have a medical reason for the problem; this means that finding an herbal impotence remedy can help in restoring a normal sex life.

An herbal impotence remedy can be just as effective and often less invasive than medical treatments. Often doctors will treat erectile dysfunction with hormonal injections, prosthetics, surgery and medications. Many of these treatments can be painful, inconvenient, or come with harmful side-effects. An herbal impotence remedy uses natural ingredients that provide a milder solution to erectile dysfunction.

Some of the reasons for erectile dysfunction are decreased sexual drive and slowed blood flow to the penis and erectile tissue. Taking an herbal remedy can help you increase sexual drive, as many of the herbs in the remedy have aphrodisiac properties. Recent studies also demonstrate that many herbs can help men to achieve an erection for longer and with better functioning. There are many herbs you can look for in your herbal impotence remedy that can help to improve hormonal functioning, energy and stamina levels and generally improve the health of the prostate, penis and urethra.

Traditional Herbs To Beat Impotency

  • One of the herbs commonly found in an herbal impotence remedy is Turnaria Aphrodisiaca. This herb does what its name suggests – it functions as an aphrodisiac and will also improve your energy and your libido.
  • Another herb that increases libido is Lirosma Ovata. Some studies have shown that 62% of males experienced increased sexual drive after taking Lirosma Ovata for two weeks.
  • Siberian Ginseng is an herb that will often work to improve your performance and give you stamina. It is an effective component of an herbal remedy for impotence, as this herb also serves to improve your overall circulation. People often feel a sense of being invigorated after taking Siberian Ginseng.
  • Sarsaparilla is another herb that imitates the effects of hormones and is often added to increase the production of testosterone and progesterone, resulting in increased sexual performance.
  • Glycorrhiza Glabra stimulates the adrenal cortex and also increases the production of hormones like hydrocortisone. Its use in any herbal impotence remedy is to stimulate adrenal functioning to improve sexual performance.
  • Sabal Serrulata helps to deter any increases in the size of the prostate which is beneficial because an enlarged prostate is a common reason for erectile dysfunction.
  • Fucus Vesiculosis is not really an herb, but a sea vegetable, that contains important nutrients like iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron. This sea vegetable, when placed in an herbal impotence remedy helps to maintain a healthy metabolism.
  • Kola Vera gives a boost to energy and performance.

Bring Back A Healthy Sex Life & Increase Your Sexual Drive…..

herbal impotence remedyIf you have been experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction, one herbal impotence remedy to consider is Ikawe.

Ikawe contains all of the herbs listed above to enhance your sexual performance by stimulating blood circulation for stronger, solid erections for peak sexual performance and strengthening ejaculation sensations for a pleasurable orgasm.

Importantly, Ikawe supports and nourishes a healthy reproductive system, balances hormones and helps return vitality, stamina and energy in the bedroom.

This formula is manufactured under strict manufacturing standards to ensure high quality, potency and effectiveness. Men who use Ikawe report seeing improvement in their sexual drive and enjoyment as well as sexual confidence and performance in a short period of time

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This product works great


from Portland, OR
I don’t want to take drugs like Viagra, so I tried Iwake. It works great. I haven’t told the woman I’m dating that I am using Iwake, I told her; “It’s your beauty that makes me able to perform like this.” But I tell all my guy friends, you must get this product.

Ikawe for Men™ – does exactly what your description says it will, and then some!

from Ellisville, MS
Your product does exactly what you said it would, and then some — My husband and I are both very pleased 🙂
Our only problem with it right now is that it is on back-order and we have not received it yet. Hopefully it will come soon.
Before I found this product, not only was my husband experiencing some physical trouble as men his age often do (he is 50). But, his libido was low and he seemed to have no energy anymore to go about his daily activities without feeling extremely tired all the time. 2 days after beginning this product, he felt a noticeable difference (and so did I:) His energy level was up again and he felt more like his old self, not only physically, but phsycologically – having these issues does terrible things to a man’s self-esteem. He has been out of Ikawe for 2 weeks now. After a week of not having it, he started getting tired again…. etc. I hope our order comes soon– I ordered on March 4. Thanks for everything, Native Remedies! I will continue to order this product.

Ikawe for Men works well


from Florida
Ikawe for Men seem to work well for me in the brief time that I have used the product. I do not have E.D. What I wanted from Ikawe for Men is an enhancer. By the way, I am not one to follow directions perfectly. Therefore, rather than putting the drops in liquid as directed, I simply dropped the liquid under my tongue. Otherwise, I believe that Ikawe for Men works as it states to “Improve Performance.”

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