Herbs to Use to Treat a Yeast Infection

Herbs to Use to Treat a Yeast Infection
Getting a yeast infection can be very frustrating; trying to treat it is even worse.

If you frequently have yeast infections and have treated them with over-the-counter creams, after a while you’ve probably noticed that the creams don’t work as well as they used to. That’s because the yeast in your system builds up immunity to the medicine and gets harder and harder to kill over time.

There are many environmental factors that are thought to encourage yeast infections, such as taking antibiotics, which kill good bacteria as well as bad bacteria; wearing tight underwear made of synthetics; chemicals such as dyes and perfumes in laundry detergent or on toilet tissue; using a condom with spermicide; eating too much sugar or caffeine; and hormone fluctuations. If you get yeast infections frequently, it might be a good idea to keep a journal recording the food you ate and the chemicals you came into contact with so you can see what might be causing your infections.

Home Remedies & Tips.

CandidaIn trying to treat or prevent a yeast infection, two powerhouse ingredients are available at your corner grocery store: yogurt and garlic.Yogurt, especially varieties with live Lactobacillus Acidophilus, is helpful at preventing or treating yeast infections. The live ingredients in yogurt are known as probiotics, meaning that instead of killing the nastiest they encourage growth of good bacteria, helping your body heal itself.

You can regularly eat a lot of yogurt to help prevent infection, but if you’re already itching you can apply plain, unsweetened yogurt to your vaginal area (using a tampon, a baster or syringe without a needle) once or twice a day until the day after symptoms go away.

You can also buy Acidophilus pills and insert one in your vagina before going to bed every other night for two weeks. Make sure the pills have a soft outer coating that will be easy for your body to dissolve.

Garlic is a potent anti fungal and can be taken in pill form (follow the directions on the label) or eaten raw. Some people recommend place a whole peeled clove of garlic in the vagina, replacing it every eight hours or so. This will cause you to smell like garlic, but if you don’t mind that, it is very helpful in treating a yeast infection.

Eating both raw garlic and yogurt regularly can help prevent infections. Giving yogurt to small children to prevent yeast infections is a gentle way to help them.

Other Herbs to Use to Treat a Yeast Infection.

Other anti fungals you can take in pill form include oregano, peppermint, rosemary and thyme. These should all be taken between meals and in the form of oil caplets to prevent stomach upset. Barberry, Calendula Officianalis , and Goldenseal are other helpful anti fungal agents that can be taken in tincture form. Use up to three teaspoons in a quarter cup of water three times daily. Of course you will not want to use all these treatments simultaneously, and neither barberry nor goldenseal should be used for more than two weeks at a time.

Another possible treatment is making a douche using tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic. It needs to be diluted before you use it in your body. Combine a teaspoon of tea tree oil with a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. Mix them and store in a dropper bottle. To make a douche, add 10 drops to a pint of water. Use it once a day for a week. From personal experience ,I find this works very well.

Now if you don’t like that idea, I can personally vouch for Candidate from Native Remedies. It is a much easier, less messy option than douches that’s for sure!

Treating yeast infections naturally can be hard work, but getting rid of them without over-the-counter anti fungal creams is well worth it.

Candidate is created from a  selection of herbs used for years for their supportive ability to gently repair cell damage caused by Candida overgrowth soothe the digestive tract, strengthen liver and  immune functioning and thereby also improving overall systemic health.

Candidate is also an excellent  complementary remedy to herbal Detox Drops™, which intensifies the body’s innate natural ability to eliminate toxins and waste by-products and  effectively and safely cleanse and flush out the system to aid  support the growth of healthy probiotic flora.

  • Eliminates excessive Candida overgrowth
  • Promotes growth of healthy probiotic flora
  • Reduces sugar cravings related to Candidiasis
  • Reduces systemic yeast infections
  • Increases vitality and energy levels

To learn more how Candidate can benefit you and ease the symptoms of Candida,


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How has Candidate helped others?

Candidate has been used to reduce Candida overgrowth in many people. Here is what some of them have to say:

Candidate has helped me a lot with a whole range of symptoms that I did not know were related to Candida infection. I had the whole lot – depression, joint pain, gas, heartburn, itches in all the wrong places! When I read the symptoms I knew I had it bad so I took Candidate, Immunity Plus and also went on the Candida Diet for a month. I am eating normally now except for sugar and junk food and I feel like a young man again. I have started gardening again and I can walk upright when I wake up in the morning which is a real miracle for me!”


“I have been up and down to so many doctors for recurring thrush infections. Each time I was successfully treated but each time it came back again. I also had a lot of wind and burping after my food which was very embarrassing and I used to become anxious whenever I had to eat in public. Only when I read your information did I realize that Candida was the problem. Since I have taken a course of Candidate I have not been to the doctor once with thrush and I no longer burp the way I did. I can truly say that this product has changed my life!”


“I can definitely recommend Candidate to anyone who has these symptoms of Candida infection as I had for years and did not know it. Please excuse my English I am Italian but I really had to let you know how well it worked for me. My life is different, I’m not tired all the time, no more thrush (terrible!) and going to the doctor. My asthma is also better and I can breathe for a change again!”





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