Natural Doesn’t Mean Safe


Have you noticed how popular dietary supplements have become in the past couple of decades? Hundreds of millions of people take them every day. In fact, there are now special sections devoted to vitamins, minerals and herbal remedies in your local grocery store and supermarket. This is definitely a sign of the times that the mainstream of the world is catching onto healthy and natural is better for your body!

Along with growing supplementation, an increasing number of people are now looking for ”natural” alternatives when it comes to treating health conditions. But while herbs and other dietary supplements can truly work wonders, you need to know what you’re buying – just because supplements are “natural” does not mean they are effective or even safe.

The problem is that dietary supplements are not regulated for safety and often contain contaminants, fillers, additives, and artificial ingredients. It’s also common that a given product may not even contain enough of the active ingredients to be effective or the ingredients may be of inferior quality.

To get the best possible product you need to look for supplements that are “GMP” compliant. GMP stands for “good manufacturing practice” and assures that the supplement formula is pure and blended in the correct ratios to deliver the best results consistently.

When looking for safe and effective supplements there are few other things that you need to know:

Compatibility: You need to know if there will be a negative reactive between a particular supplement and other compounds.
For example, some herbs might have adverse reactions with others, or, when taken with prescription or over-the-counter medications. If you’re not sure about what you’re taking contact the manufacturer or do some additional research.

Natural vs. Synthetic:
You need to ensure that the vitamins you take are natural, not synthetic (e.g. made in a lab). This is important because vitamins from natural sources contain important co-factors that are missing from synthetics. Additionally, natural vitamins are absorbed and used by the body much more efficiently than synthetic vitamins, which may not be absorbed at all.

Bio-availability is another way of saying that your body needs to be able to use the ingredients, or they’re not worth taking. One way to be sure is by choosing supplements with enteric coating. This is a coating around the pill that keeps the active ingredients from being destroyed by the acids in your stomach. This is critical because the nutrients need to get past your stomach and into your intestines where they can be absorbed and put to work.

Boost Your Health And Feel Great Again A Natural Safe Supplement

With supplements, as with many things in life, you get what you pay for. It takes money to research and formulate a quality supplement with costs ranging between $50 and $100 per ingredient. If you think about it, spending even half that amount on a quality, GMP-compliant formula is a bargain and certainly less expensive than going to a doctor for a prescription and risking a multitude of health affecting, potential side-effects…We have all heard the terrible stories.

To learn more about bio-availability of nutrients and get the facts like… are liquid vitamins and capsules more bio-available than tablets, we encourage you to research your options when choosing a dietary or health supplement as there are many clinically tested ingredients and formulas that can promote overall health and address multiple health concerns in a safe and effective way.

Total Balance UnisexOne such supplement we recommend because of its ingredient list of high quality ingredients is Total Balance Unisex which combines a powerful 74 targeted vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and age-defying nutrients to support cell health, boost immune system function and encourage overall wellbeing.

XtendLife has 10 years of experience of creating top quality, bioavailable, natural nutritional supplements for optimal vibrant health and well-being

When your body can access the right nutrients in an easily digestible form, it can function to its optimum levels and stop the five main causes of ageing which can include:

  • Excess free radicals
  • Glyciation
  • Cellular degeneration
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Abnormal cell division.

The ingredients in Total Balance Unisex support:

  • General increased overall wellbeing
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improves concentration
  • Eye health
  • Digestive health
  • Boosts immune system
  • Supports cell division and growth
  • Encourages emotional balance

With our busy lives, long work hours and emotional stresses, our systems may benefit from an additional quality boost. If you want to function at your optimum levels, feel vibrant and well, perhaps its time to take a look …

That’s all for today. In our next installment we’ll talk about powerful natural anti-cancer promoters found in your kitchen. We’ll also reveal what we have found, after exhaustive research, to be the only natural formula available on the market that has it all. And when we say “all” we mean all the vital ingredients needed to promote overall health, boost energy and fight diseases like cancer. Stay tuned!

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