What Is Male Menopause or Andropause?

 Just as women go through menopause so do men.male menopause

So, I can hear you asking, what on earth is male menopause or andropause?

It’s when men experience a decline in their testosterone levels. Because men do not have a clear sign they’re in menopause like women do when they stop having periods, many men do not realize they’re going through any type of menopause at all. And most men wouldn’t call the decline in testosterone, menopause.

Menopause is a word that is distinctively female. That is one of the reasons why male menopause is referred to as andropause.

Men experiencing male menopause or andropause don’t generally experience the severity of menopausal symptoms as women do. This is because the testosterone decline is gradual, beginning when most men are in their thirties.

Men will generally experience a 10% decline in testosterone levels each decade. Therefore, male menopause will last over decades and this is the main reason any male menopause symptoms will likely be mild and slow to have a major impact on their lives until they’re in their fifties or sixties.

Symptoms of Andropause.

The first symptom of male menopause is a change in a man’s sex drive. Men going through andropause will find they’re not as eager for sex as they once were or may have trouble with getting and maintaining an erection. This can be extremely troubling for men, especially if they have had a strong sex drive in the past. Seeing their sex drive decline can cause many men to grieve for the former virility.

Other andropause symptoms can include a loss of energy, general fatigue and lowered physical agility. These symptoms may be so slight that a man isn’t really aware of them – or is that troubled by them. Usually, though, by the time men are in their late 40s the testosterone decline in their bodies has made these symptoms much more apparent.

Often male menopause symptoms are mistaken for other medical conditions. That’s why it’s important as a man to have regular physical examinations to make sure you are in optimum physical condition. When andropause symptoms begin to interfere with a man’s life, he may want to consider treatments, especially for sexual dysfunction.

Traditional and Herbal Treatments, Put The Sex Back In Sex

Fortunately, there are many treatments, both herbal and prescribed, available to treat male menopause symptoms such as sexual difficulties. Cialis is commonly prescribed for men who are experiencing sexual dysfunction. Only a doctor can prescribe this medicine but before you go that route you must know about the Cialis side effects and risk factors.

There are many excellent herbal remedies, on the other hand, that can be used to treat sexual problems a man may have due to the decreased level of testosterone. The important thing is to investigate such remedies for sexual dysfunction and impotence to make sure they are safe, professionally formulated and most important, effective. Many men like these have been able to get their sex drive and sexual functioning back on track with comprehensive natural products formulated exclusively for men.

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