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Natural Medicine for ADHD




Natural Medicine for ADHD








 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

As the disorder becomes more widely diagnosed, the necessity to find a safe natural medicine for ADHD has become a top priority for natural health advocates. Natural cures for ADHD offer a safe and reliable treatment alternative to such common prescription drugs as Ritalin, Concerta and Adderall while still providing the necessary calming capabilities of these conventional medications.

natural remedy to maintain mental focus, concentration & attentionSome of the most promising natural alternatives include: gingko biloba, skullcap, chamomile, gotu kola, and avena sativa. With such a selection of different alternatives, the information provided in this article will hopefully help you choose the natural supplement for ADHD that works for you.

Gingko biloba stands as one of the most popular natural supplements on the market today, mostly due to its ability to benefit the circulatory and nervous systems. Recent studies have shown that the same properties of gingko biloba that benefit the nervous system can also enhance brain activity to act as a natural medicine for ADHD.

It has been shown that while the herb can slow mental degeneration, it is also able to increase and optimize brain function. By controlling the nerves in such a manner, gingko biloba becomes a natural supplement for ADHD by allowing the brain to better focus, thereby eliminating the lack of attention associated with ADHD. This effective treatment comes with very few minor side effects (such as headaches), and is considered safe for long term treatment.

Skullcap is another natural medicine for ADHD which focuses on soothing the nervous system. By slowing down and calming nerves in the brain, a person afflicted with ADHD is better able to control their thought process and focus on tasks requiring full attention. You can use skullcap as a sedative for pain and anxiety relief. There is also a possibility that certain doses of skullcap can help treat heart disease and cancer, but data pertaining to that study is still unproven. Skullcap is widely considered a safe natural supplement for ADHD, with few if any side effects.

Another of the top choices in regard to natural cures for ADHD is chamomile. This natural supplement’s primary role is to promote relaxation, and give the mind an overall sense of calmness. This proves effective for ADHD treatment, as calming the brain allows someone who suffers with ADHD to be in more total control of their attention. Chamomile is one of the safest natural supplements available on the market today, and contains no side effects other than a possible allergic reaction.

Gotu kola has recently been proven to be effective in treating childhood forms of ADHD. While this remedy has long been known to prevent and cure Alzheimer’s and other nervous system diseases, new studies have emerged testing concentration and knowledge retention among children with learning disorders who were administered the herb. Many of the participants were noted as having a significant increase in concentration and attention spans after receiving the supplement for twelve weeks. There are no known side effects associated with gotu kola, although an allergic reaction is possible, making it a safe and effective natural medicine for ADHD.

Wild oats, also known as avena sativa, are also considered a possible natural medicine for ADHD due to their sedative abilities. While there have not been any significant tests to study this specific correlation, wild oats have been known to treat related disorders such as nervousness and anxiety. Avena sativa has no known side effects, and is considered by many to be totally healthy to take.

Safe Natural Remedy for ADHD

If you are looking for a safe, and effective natural medicine for ADHD, you might want to consider Focus ADHD Formula manufactured by Native Remedies, a well-regarded natural health company. It contains all of the specialized herbal extracts we discuss above in one comprehensive supplement, offering the combined benefits of all of these natural supplements for ADHD…

This herbal supplement has many benefits for your child

check  Improves concentration and memory

check  Increases attention span

check  Reduces hyperactivity and restlessness

check  Calms, soothes and reduces mood swings

check  Reduces impulsiveness and aggression

check  Improves alertness and mental focus

check  Calms overactive minds

Focus Formula is a complex calmative remedy that contains a selection of herbs known for their supportive function in improving concentration, memory, and attention span.

This all natural natural remedy also calms mood swings, emotional outbursts, aggression, restlessness and overactive minds. Herbal Focus Formula is also a great complementary remedy to the homeopathic remedy, BrightSpark, which you can use for fast acting relief to help your child when they suffer from  hyperactivity, distractibility and impulsiveness.

This is what parents have to say about how Focus ADHD Formula has benefited their sons and daughters of all ages.

wishing you peace ,


For more tips and information on how to help kids with ADHD click here

How has Focus Formula helped others?

Focus Formula has been used to help control, calm and soothe thousands of ADHD sufferers. Here is what some of them have to say:

“Hi guys, today is probably one of the happiest days of my life. My 8 year old son is on Focus Formula and BrightSpark. Doctors have said he has ADD, frankly I always suspected Aspergers. Anyway he has taken the above 2 for the past 5 days. His teacher left a message on my job and home phone until he finally got me on my cell phone during his lunch break, I was so scared that my child was ill or fell or something else negative. Needless to say he was calling to tell me he was “blown away in the difference” with my child. He was “attentive, involved, sharing, and focused” during class. He then asked me what was going on? I then mentioned your company and the items my son was taking. When I came home, I played the teacher’s message over and over again. I was so happy I actually started to cry. I have to admit I was not a whole believer in non- conventional medicine, but that has certainly changed. I will very happily recommend Native Remedies to everyone. Thank you and God Bless You.”

- Suzan C., NY, USA

“I started my 7-year old daughter out on Focus Formula after seeing that her behavior in school was not changing over the last couple of years. She would speak out in class, interrupt fellow students and the teachers. She would even push other students in school. After a few days on Focus I noticed a big difference. There was less speaking out, interrupting and pushing. I then put her on BrightSpark as well. I have no reports of any problems at school anymore! Her attention span is wonderful now, where prior to the remedies, she couldn’t even watch an entire movie, now she does! Thank you so very much for your wonderful products. I thank God that I didn’t have to take her to a doctor and have her put on chemical compounds that might have done more harm then good. You folks are a true Godsend!”

- Patricia, NJ, USA

“This is my second order for this product. I am 52 years old and have lived in a “brain fog” for years. And the older I got, the worse it was. I have tried everything under the sun and got no relief until I decided to try Focus Formula. I was looking for help for my son, who is 29 and ADHD and did not think of myself having this problem, until I read about it on your site. You described exactly how I felt all the time. So I ordered some to try. After three days, my mind was more alert than it has been for a long time.”

- Theresa P.

“He recently started kindergarten and within the first two weeks was in trouble more times than not! We tried everything to get him back on track but no luck. That was until my husband found Focus Formula. My son who just turned 6 has been taking Focus for about a month now but within the first week, we noticed a remarkable change. Now we don’t have the teacher calling us to tell us what he did wrong in school but to give us glowing reports of how wonderful it was to have him in school! Yesterday he came home with a WOW! Sticker on his shirt for such GREAT behavior at school. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am telling everyone I know about these wonderful products. Native Remedies will have a customer for life!”

- Gerri, AK, USA