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passionfruit flower  Facts On The Passion Flower And Its Benefits

The Passion Flower plant, which grows in the southern half of North America, and certain parts of Central America, has for years been used as an herbal sleep aid In addition to helping a person sleep, Passion Flower has also been used to treat the effects of epilepsy, congestive heart failure, and high blood pressure. While more scientific studies will need to be conducted, Passion Flower seems to have the power to calm a person down and make them feel relaxed. This is why the plant is commonly used in many natural treatments for anxiety, teas, and salves.

Here are some interesting Passiflora Incarnata facts…

Passiflora Incarnata (Passion Flower), also called the crown of thorns, was given this name because the center of the flower resembles the crown Christ wore before his crucifixion. Its brownish vines also reminded those of Christ’s crown. This purple flower with an orange center is harvested and used for different reasons.

The pulp in the center of the flower may be ingested, as can the berries which are referred to as granadilla. These berries can grow very large and are only harvested after they have matured. The leaves, which are long and green, may be harvested before the flower reaches maturity. Passion Flower grows on its vine and reaches maturity in May or June.

Passion Flower has many other names including Maypop, Passiflora, and Apricot Vine. Passion Flower is called Maypop because of the sound the berries make when opened. There are 400 different species of the plant, some of which can grow in colder climates. Popular in Europe, Passion Flower is used to treat sleep disorders in children as well as in adults. It is also used to treat stomach ailments and mixed with other herbs for depression.

The analgesic property of this flower is the reason why it is used for many different ailments. Analgesic means the herb helps ease bodily pain. There have been many studies on Passion Flower, but research still continues because herbs can react negatively with other medications – and herbs as well. Used alone or in multi-ingredient formulations, Passion Flower can help a person relax, feel less anxious, and fall asleep easily.

Why it Works?

Passiflora Incarnata has active ingredients that include alkaloids, gums and sugars, flavonoids, and sterols. These ingredients act together to encourage relaxation and fight bacterial infections. Passion Flower has been known to ease tissue inflammation and kill bacteria. It has also been known to help heal skin ailments, such as rashes and scars.

As with any herb, there are questions to ask a doctor before taking Passion Flower. It is not recommended for pregnant women or for those who have allergy issues… It could cause a person’s allergies to worsen over time. Those who are taking certain medications or herbal supplements should not take Passiflora. On the other hand, children who are bed wetters may benefit from the Passion Flower plant.

If a person can take Passiflora Incarnata, the healing qualities of the plant are numerous as you could see. Passion Flower is available in tea form, tincture or comprehensive formulas that include other herbs.

Herbal remedies are perfect for those who cannot take certain types of medication or do not want to experience the side effects they can have. For instance, Passiflora will not cause a person to feel sluggish the next morning as other forms of sleeping medications often do.

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