Pure Royal Jelly

pure royal jellyWhile it may actually sound like a treat Prince Charles uses on his morning breakfast toast, pure royal jelly is actually an amazingly powerful natural supplement harvested from honey bees. Its name comes from the fact that the queen bee feasts on this delectable treat for her entire life, allowing her to live a strong and healthy life to keep the hive intact.

Pure royal jelly contains a huge amount of necessary proteins and enzymes which are necessary for the improved functioning of the human body. The benefits of royal jelly are far reaching and include regenerating cells, boosting energy, lowering cholesterol and putting you in an overall better mood.

Royal bee jelly, as it is sometimes known, is mostly used as a catalyst in cellular regeneration to heal a variety of degenerative diseases. Studies have been conducted to show how well pure royal jelly can heal such diseases as: hepatitis, asthma,

bee pollenkidney disease, arthritis, and many more. The results so far have been staggeringly positive, proving that the benefits of royal jelly may be more impressive than humans originally thought.

While the rest of royal jelly benefits are impressive, the cellular regeneration properties of the supplement may be the most important in the long run.

As with bee pollen and ginseng, royal jelly is an excellent energy and mood boosting natural supplement. Many of the

vitamins and hormones present in supplements containing pure royal jelly work with sensory centers throughout the body to boost your energy levels. When you have more energy, you end up being in a better mood throughout the day since you are generally happier when you have plenty of energy keeping your body active.

Recent studies in animals have shown a significant decrease in their overall cholesterol when given doses of pure royal bee jelly. A few studies have been conducted in humans showing that taking daily royal jelly supplements for long periods of time can lower the bad (LDL) cholesterol by several percentage points. Scientists are not sure as to why or how the royal jelly lowers cholesterol. As such, more studies need to be conducted.

A more recent claim of pure royal jelly manufacturers is that the queen bee’s favorite food can be used to increase sexual libido and more quickly heal broken bones. While both claims are too new to be tested, the sexual libido could definitely be attributed to the energy and mood boosting properties of royal jelly. Also, the cell regeneration which royal jelly is known for could easily go to work on broken bones to help them heal faster.

There are no known side effects to taking pure royal jelly on its own or in a more common ginseng royal jelly bee pollen combination if you are a normal, healthy individual. However, if you have a known bee allergy, stay far away from royal bee jelly, since it is a bee product and could trigger a serious allergic reaction.

Pure Royal Jelly Supplement



If you are interested in a supplement offering the many benefits of royal jelly, take a look at Natural Energy with NZ Bee Pollen, a special product containing pure royal jelly, as well as bee pollen, Siberian ginseng and a number of other therapeutic nutrients. It can help boost energy levels, elevate your mood and promote overall health and well-being.


Why people are loving Natural Energy New Zealand Bee Pollen!

“……As for the Natural Energy bee pollen product, when I have to do manual labour in the garden I take this product the day before, in the middle of the day. The staying power it gives me is fantastic considering my age (70!).”
Diana, Australia

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….One great benefit I’ve noticed on your products is an improvement in athletic performance. I am a very avid bicycle athlete and spend an average of 12 hours a week riding/training and do several off-road races every year.

Since taking Total Balance and Natural Energy bee pollen I have enjoyed a marked improvement in endurance and lactic clearing…..I generally feel stronger and more consistent. These have been rather unexpected benefits as I didn’t see anything on the web site regarding athletic performance. Everything else was unchanged – diet, sleep, etc – so I’m pretty sure I have the Xtend Life products to thank.”
Brian, USA

I am very pleased with my first order, which was Natural Energy with NZ Bee Pollen – this product greatly exceeded my initial expectations and I already feel much more energetic than before.
Filip K, Bulgaria

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