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Saw Palmetto Benefits

Saw PalmettoWhat is Saw Palmetto?

Saw palmetto benefits are numerous, and as such it has become one of the most popular supplements for male health on the market today.

This powerful herbal extract is purified from the saw palmetto berry, and has been used as a remedy for prostate problems as well as a variety of other ailments for generations. In Europe, it is the number one method of treatment for non-cancerous prostate enlargement.

Saw palmetto benefits your enlarged prostate by preventing it from growing any larger, but it is unknown what the palmetto contains to stop the swelling of the gland. So it doesn’t actually shrink the gland, it prevents it from growing bigger. Because of this, a daily saw palmetto dosage may be a good idea if you’re a man who is getting a little older and may be at risk of developing prostate problems later on.

No matter what its size, the prostate gland will simply not swell if you have been taking saw palmetto powder, or any other form of the herb. From a scientific point of view, saw palmetto benefits the actual prostate cells by slowing down their swelling and inhibiting any hormones which may be contributing to prostate cell inflammation and stimulation.

Why use this as opposed to prescription medications? Aside from the many benefits of saw palmetto, there are no known side effects associated with this form of treatment. Many of the conventional treatments are known to reduce your libido or even contribute to impotence. There are also numerous studies currently being conducted on saw palmetto benefits in relation to prevention of prostate cancer…thus far, results are quite promising.

A daily saw palmetto dosage doesn’t just benefit your prostate. Several of the proteins and oils in the saw palmetto berry have been tested in laboratories. According to scientists, saw palmetto benefits your immune system too, helping your body fight off infections or simple chronic illnesses such as a persistent cough. Since the palmetto is boosting your immune system, it will also help aid in the prevention and cure of bacterial infections throughout your body.

You can get all of the great saw palmetto benefits in a variety of forms. There are pills, tablets and teas available for your convenience. However, you are probably best off with a supplement that contains pure saw palmetto powder along with vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and other therapeutic nutrients that can promote prostate health and general well-being.

High Quality Saw Palmeto Formula.

One of the best supplements for men we have come across is called Total Balance Men’s Premium and it offers the myriad saw palmetto benefits as well as those of dozens of other specialty nutrients for male health.

Total Balance has been formulated by top notch scientists and is manufactured according to the highest manufacturing standards, which ensure you get a product that only has pure and tested ingredients. Take a look at this unique product and discover how it can help you improve your health today.

Wishing you health and happiness



More on the benefits of  saw palmetto benefits on our enlarged prostate treatment page


Testimonials for Total Balance Men’s premium:

I have taken vitamins my entire life and now that I am taking the Total Balance Men’s Premium, I believe I have thrown my money away over the years. After only one week, my skin feels smoother, I actually feel cleaner on the inside and I am even sleeping better. Now that i see the results from this product, I also ordered the Omege 3 Ultra and the Kiwi Cleanse. You now have a customer for life! Thank you so much.

Monroe S, USA  October 29, 2012

You may be interested to know that I had stopped taking the Total Balance for a while and tried a health food store brand of liquid vitamin and minerals, thinking that perhaps a liquid would be more digestible than a tablet.

After several weeks, I went back to taking the Total Balance and noticed a major difference in my facial skin – it began to look much softer and smoother. I had noticed this before but had forgotten about that and had stopped taking the Total Balance.

When I was reminded by looking in the mirror, I realized it was definitely the Total Balance that was causing the healing effect in my skin. I don’t know what in the Total Balance formula is creating this, but I like the result!

Thank you, and thank Warren!

Steve, USA  May 18th, 2012

I would like to provide Xtend-Life some feedback on your product Total Balance Men’s Premium multivitamin.

I have been taking this product as directed for only 5 days and I can report that I have already experienced noticeable and positive benefits! I have noticed a sustained increase in my energy-level throughout the day and my cognitive brain function is faster. I did not expect to see measurable effects so soon (if at all), but clearly the good stuff in your formula is working. I’m very pleased. Many thanks for your effort developing such a potent, state-of-the-art natural multivitamin.

Donald D, USA  September 29th, 2011