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Can Sex Herbs Stimulate Sexual Potency?

Can Sex Herbs Stimulate Sexual Potency?

Sex herbs for men and women promise amazing results. You’ve probably heard some of the familiar remarks made by satisfied users – Boosted my libido! Improved my sexual performance! Prolonged my erection! Increased my energy level! Are these comments really true or were those people paid to make up these claims? It might surprise you to know that sex herbs really do stimulate sexual potency and produce the type of results these and other users claim.

Eastern civilizations have been using different herbs to improve sexual life for centuries. The basis for using herbs to treat sexual troubles relates to the long-held belief that the body must be in perfect harmony before it can be expected to perform optimally in a sexual capacity. This concept is true really, for all types of activities not just those related to sex. When it comes to the body, balance is the key.

The sex herbs the Chinese have used safely for centuries were chosen for their ability to bring the body back into balance; ying and yang, if you will. If the body was not in balance, it could never be capable of reaching the ultimate sexual heights. When sexual energy was diminished, natural rebalancing formulas were given to deal with whatever condition was causing the underlying imbalance.

When modern day researchers set out to produce an herbal treatment for impotence, they drew heavily on the Chinese use and knowledge of sex herbs. Researchers combined the best of the best and the end result is Ikawe is an all-natural, professionally-formulated impotence treatment that works very well as you can see by the testimonials at the end of the page

The following is a brief description of the 8 sex herbs found in Ikawe including information on how each works to address the different areas of sexual performance.

Kola vera

  • works to increase energy levels short-term. It’s a stimulant that helps enhance sexual performance.

Lirosma ovata

  • has been shown in scientific studies to actually increase a person’s desire for sex. Other studies suggest it’s an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, the primary symptom of impotence.

Fucus vesiculosis

  • is an excellent source of many important minerals. This sea vegetable contains iodine. Iodine is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones and thyroid hormones are responsible for proper cell metabolism.

Glycoirrhiza glabra

  • facilitates stimulation of the adrenal cortex and assists in the production of the hormone hydrocortisone.

Sabal serrulata

  • treats the symptoms of impotence resulting from an enlarged prostate.

Smilax ornata

  • is a tonic with rejuvenating properties designed to stimulate sexual potency and assist in the production of hormones.

Eleutherococcus senticosis

  • is an all-over toner containing ginsenosides which help to improve the flow of blood throughout the body and especially to the penis. Improved blood flow increases overall energy and sexual vitality.

Turnaria aphrodisiaca

  • increases the libido by stimulating the nervous system.

Many past and present civilizations believe in the powers of these sex herbs because they bring results. If your sex drive isn’t where it needs to be, perhaps it’s time you find out more about Ikawe and its professionally-formulated combination of reliable and effective sex  herbs that stimulate sexual potency.

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What  the Guys Saying about Ikawe.

Men using Ikawe are saying things such as…

“I just want to write and say thank you for recommending your Ikawe for Men product. I had premature ejaculation and I could only last a few minutes and then it was all over. Now I have a lot of stamina and my erection is much harder. The best thing is that I can have sex more than once a night for the first time since I was in my early 20’s! Ikawe has really made me feel like a young man again, thank you!”
–Graham, USA

“I’ve always been a bit soft when it came to bedroom performance and when I started on Straterra, it became a dysfunction.  My lady was most patient and understanding, but I found the situation frustrating so I turned to Native Remedies for a solution.  I started out skeptical but over the course of a couple weeks there was a dramatic change.  Now, I’m a firm believer in this product and would highly recommend anyone frustrated by sexual inadequacies to try using Ikawe before pharmaceuticals.”
-Steve C., NJ, USA

“After my divorce, I began dating again and met a few lovely women. But -can you believe it – every time I ‘got lucky’, the whole thing fell flat and I just couldn’t perform! Exercise helped a bit, but I just wasn’t the man I used to be. Things were going from bad to worse and I even stopped dating because I was so anxious! Eventually a friend told me about Ikawe and I thought ‘What have I got to lose?’ Six weeks later, I just can’t get enough and nor can my new girlfriend! What a difference!”
-Stewart, UK