Wild Yam Benefits

Many recent studies point to wild yam benefits for treating a number of health conditions from menopausal pain to high cholesterol to hormone imbalances. Although more research needs to be conducted to prove these benefits conclusively, the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming.

The wild yam root was first discovered by Native Americans, Aztecs and the Mayans as a medicine for treatment of joint pain. As colonists from Europe began to settle the land, they discovered it could also be used for colic. Now, it is primarily marketed as a treatment for premenstrual syndrome and a natural estrogen replacement therapy.

Wild yam cream has been scientifically proven to reduce pain when rubbed into affected areas. The wild yam benefits muscles by relaxing them and contributing to the anti-inflammatory response to soreness. The wild yam contains compounds called alkaloids which contribute to the pain relief.

These alkaloids are also the substances responsible for pain relief of premenstrual syndrome cramping and digestive problems. Premenstrual issues can be treated through ingestion of wild yam based pills which act as a sedative to further relieve any cramping associated with PMS.

Wild yam benefits menopausal women as well. It has been used to treat hot flashes and headaches and may help decrease bone loss.

As a sedative and anti-spasmodic agent, wild yam benefits the digestive system. If you are looking to cure upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea or any other gastrointestinal issue, you should consider taking a wild yam product with food. Through its sedative properties, wild yam benefits the passage of kidney stones too, helping to alleviate any pain associated when you pass the stone.

Some of the other anecdotal uses of wild yam root include treating heart disease, lowering blood sugar, increasing energy and libido and relieving the symptoms of urinary tract disorders.

If you are looking for a supplement with wild yam benefits, you may want to try one that contains wild yam root extract along with other herbal extracts and nutrients that can address specific female health issues, including PMS and menopausal symptoms.

Total Balance Womens Premium Health SupplementOne of the best products we have come across is called Total Balance Women’s Premium which contains pure wild yam as well as black cohosh, dong quai and dozens of other specialty nutrients for women’s health.

This unique and rather comprehensive formula has been created based on researched and tested ingredients to ensure purity, potency and best of all, good results.





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